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South Carolina: Cane Rhum Bar in Charleston
South Carolina has plenty of great bars to choose from, especially in historic Charleston. It doesn’t, however, have many themed bars to choose from outside of the standard 1920s Prohibition era theme. It does have a Caribbean rum themed bar, though, and it’s filled with the biggest rum selection in the whole state. Who says tropics and dedication to a single spirit can’t be a theme...



CANE Rum: Funny, I wasn't a fan of rum until I had a proper understanding and tasting of rum. In fact, I realized I'd been drinking rum the wrong way my entire life. After taste testing all the various rums and cocktails available at CANE, I had an entirely different appreciation for the alcoholic beverage. Let me be the first to say that every cocktail on their menu is perfectly curated to give you a different experience. The mix of ingredients are well thought out and let me tell you, the drinks are not weak, they're properly made. The food is paired wonderfully with the rum drinks...

— The Travel Critic

'The Rhum Chef' Paul Yellin Brings Rum Bar to Charleston

There's a notice on the door of the former Big John's Tavern space announcing that "251 E Bay St/Cane" has applied for a liquor license. This means the new bar inside is readying for opening. So what's going in there? It seems it will be a rum bar...

— Erin Perkins

Cane Rhum Bar & Caribbean Kitchen Invites Guests to Relax in a Tropical Oasis

Get out the flip flops and sarongs because Cane Rhum Bar & Caribbean Kitchen wants patrons to chill in an island atmosphere with a few rum drinks. The East Bay Street restaurant opens next week, but gave Eater a sneak peek before unlocking the doors...

— Erin Perkins

Cane Rhum Bar & Caribbean Kitchen Sets Out Updated Menu

East Bay restaurant Cane Rhum Bar & Caribbean Kitchen invited patrons to chill in an island atmosphere with a few rum drinks in the summer of 2016, and now chef/owner Paul Yellin is changing up the menus a bit. The food offerings, from the jumbo coconut shrimp and chicken coconut curry, are a bit more streamlined than the original menu...

— Erin Perkins


Chef Paul Yellin wrote the book on cooking with rum literally. Known as The Rhum Chef, the New York-born and Barbados-raised chef learned to incorporate rum and Caribbean flavors into his cuisine from his first cooking jobs on the island, and he used that know-how to write Infusion! Spirited Cooking in the Caribbean, published in 2004. Now he is bringing his Caribbean cooking style and love for rum to Charleston with his new restaurant, Cane Rhum Bar and Caribbean Kitchen.

— The local palate


This tiki-themed Ansonborough hangout serves creative takes on Caribbean street food, plus an extensive selection of rum in both classic and elaborate cocktails. Ample greenery and colorful, thoughtfully thrown-together decor gives the compact space a laid-back but polished beach vibe.

Cane Rhum Bar / Yelp

Cane Rhum Bar first opened its doors in Charleston in 2016, and they've been serving up Caribbean-inspired dishes and a wide selection of expertly crafted rum cocktails ever since. Join them for an afternoon of tropical fun soon!

Go for the cocktails at Cane Rhum Bar & Caribbean Kitchen

If you must know, rum is not — by any extent of the imagination — my drink of choice. Whether one blames the aggressively sweet quality or its uncanny ability to wreak havoc on the following morning, I usually give the sugar cane-based spirit a pretty wide berth. That said, and to my utmost surprise, Cane Rhum Bar & Caribbean Kitchen is working a special kind of cocktail magic that threatens to change all that...

— Vanessa Wolf

Cane Rhum Bar & Caribbean Kitchen will open August 2

The day Charleston’s rum aficionados have long awaited is finally here — Cane Rhum Bar & Caribbean Kitchen is officially set to opens its doors Aug. 2 at 4 p.m. at 251 E. Bay St., the space formerly occupied by Big John's Tavern...

— Dustin Waters

Vote for Charleston’s Bar of the Year

On Wednesday, November 16, Eater will present the 2016 Eater Awards, our seventh annual celebration of all that's made the restaurant world run — and run wild — in the past 12 months. Winners will be selected on both the local and national levels in five major categories, and the voting begins right now. The polls are now closed for restaurant of the year, chef of the year, most stunning restaurant of the year, and today we focus on drinks. Which restaurant is this year’s Best Bar? Decide in the polls below...

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Editorial Choice

Cane Rhum Bar & Caribbean Kitchen had the difficult task of turning a historic dive bar into a tropical oasis and it succeeded. In a town soaked with bourbon, Cane brought back rum and a bit of Instant Vacations.

Need an Island getaway? Add Caribbean flair to your cooking

Looking for an island getaway? Let your taste buds lead the way! Nowadays, it’s not uncommon to see authentic Caribbean dishes appearing on your local restaurant’s daily specials – for good reason. The cuisine is known for fresh ingredients, bold spices and a wanderlust-evoking quality that resonates with both chefs and home cooks alike...

— Julie Bensman

Vote For Your Favorite Mount Gay Rum Cocktail Recipe

When the lifts stop turning and Après begins, turn in your skis for a relaxing, Mount Gay Rum cocktail. Mount Gay Rum's aromatic, yet smooth, original flavor is incredibly versatile, so no matter your taste, it fits a cocktail just your style. Check out these delicious libations, vote for your favorite, and then try making it to share with friends and family at your next Après event!

— SKI Magazine

Barbados, The Rum Island

Rum is believed by many to be the world's oldest distilled alcoholic beverage. The first commercial variation of this drink is said to have occurred in this easternmost of the Caribbean islands in 1637, which coincided with the rise of the sugarcane industry, the source of rum and the backbone of its economy well into the 20th Century...

— Anthony DeMarco

And A Bottle of Rum: A Q&A with Chef Paul Yellin, The Rhum Chef

He calls himself a “rum drinker with a cooking problem,” and having spent time with Chef Paul Yellin, aka the Rhum Chef—I was only slightly still standing after the tour he gave me of his island, Barbados, for a New York Times cover story about Caribbean rum tourism...

— Baz Dreisinger

50 Things to Do and See in Charleston, South Carolina

If a Caribbean rum spot seems out of place in Charleston, think back…way back; to colonial days, when rum was actually the liquor of choice (and, well, convenience). It’s said that back then, the average American drank three pints of the sugarcane spirit each week. Pay homage to the past by drinking at least one (or three if you’re a true history buff) spicy concoctions at Cane Rhum Bar.

— Amelia Mularz